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You aries have a passion, for everything you like to TRY to start relation ships but this often fails because of your crap chat-up lines. APPARENTLY you people are dynamite in the sack. (my arse)
You are competetive bastards and never give up even if you know you lost.
You are possesive, spiteful people and you wonder why people hate you. I think you should all just go and get laid (like that will happen.)

Bull: honestly discribes you. you are quite literally full of bull: you are time-wasting stingey bastards and like a bull you like to charge...full price at school you were ass-kissing teachers pet.
You can be romantic (you make me sick) and you are easy to attract just a wink or an "awight luv" and your putty in their hands.
I think your a do-gooding, slut and you gain alot of pleasure on the street corners.

You are hyperactive freaks. your enthusiastic and impulsive nature does actually make people physically sick.
If a conversation arises on just about anything halfway through you will ask what its about which makes people want to beat with a bat. you say lots of stupid stuff which makes people laugh (in pity) if you want to get somewhere in life then...hsod it you WILL never get anywhere in life you tramp.


You are argumentitive in soo many ways you cant let anything. go which is why you will not be married for long (if at all) you are entirely dependant on other people and come across as a cling-on which is why you have no friends. you make a crap housewife/husband because you can never be bothered to get up off your arse and do anything. you people annoy me and you should crawl back under your shell.